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The N.E.C. "Pineapple"

Image of The N.E.C. "Pineapple"


"Ready for another go this year, The N.E.C. reaches even further past the edge of the observable universe with the forthcoming cosmic punk manifesto Pineapple, a seven-song collection that packs an expanded sonic palette and some befuddling, Dark Side of the Spoon-evocative artwork. The lead single, “Creatures Flaming,” transmits The N.E.C.’s moodier and more cavernous dimensions, saturated with bursts of fluttering analog synth washes as pummeling as they are silky and enigmatic. Here, and throughout Pineapple, the group’s trademark sounds – crunchy dub-like tape echo, buoyant space jangle, junky shoegaze tectonics, soaring choruses – remain in tact while The N.E.C. actively dredges out new subterranean textures, all with a viscerally aphotic punch. Pineapple offers a prime example of a band that stays true to its carved niche while maturing and exploring new songwriting approaches."

- The Decibel Tolls

Side A
Creatures Flaming
All Night Drug Kids
100 Feelings
Hate City Serenade

Side B
Any Place You Want

This is a cassette.